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Album: Adebisi Shank – This is the Second Album of a Band Called Adebisi Shank

Adebisi Shank are back with their second LP This is the Second Album of a Band Called Adebisi Shank, it’s nice to see their no-nonsense approach to album titles is unwavering. Already sitting at the forefront of Ireland’s considerable post/math rock scene, Adebisi Shank have given themselves every chance of further international recognition to add to last year’s tours of Japan and the UK with an album that marks a serious jump forward for the band.

While the foundations of their sound; fast, unpredictable, loud, dance provoking, remain intact these have been channelled to create more cohesive songs, adding some degree of method to the madness. Renowned for their chaotic live performances, one tends to think of Adebisi’s music as the soundtrack to anarchy, while they maintain this sound on much of This is the Second… there are notable divergences. (-_-) sees the lads enter unchartered territory, looping glitchy hip-hop beats with laid back guitar and water-like synths creating one hell of a chill out tune midway through the album.

Having cemented a name for themselves on This is the Album of a Band Called Adebisi Shank they clearly used this record as a chance to be more expressive and experimental.  For one thing the album has electronics permeating through from start to finish.  This is not to say that the jolting bass and frenetic guitar have been turned down to facilitate a different sound, rather the synths are used to add power to the already formidable punch of the album.

This album represents a step up in Adebisi Shank’s ability as songwriters. They have retained their raw sound, added new dimensions and composed songs with a direction, which don’t fall into the trap of hanging in midair unsure of where to go. Conor O’ Brien chipped in offering vocals which arrive in the form of calming melodies on Frunk and Europa. Logdrum, clocking over six minutes is the giant of the LP. The intro has more than a hint of Animal Collective and the song progresses with subtle tempo changes portraying a patience and craft previously overlooked.

Adebisi are back, they’ve brought all their old tricks with them, but this time they’ve brought a lot more.

Maybeshewill to Play Cork and Limerick

Leicester based post-rockers Maybeshewill have announced two Irish gigs in October. On the 19th they play the Phoenix in Cork before heading to Baker’s Place in Limerick on the 20th. they’re sure to put on some ear-bleedingly awesome shows.

Video: Magnetic Man ft. Katy B – Perfect Stranger

Follow up single to ‘I need air’ from dubstep’s answer to a supergroup Magnetic Man. Just like the first single, it seems to loiter in between dubstep, drum and bass and even at times trance but the result is a banging tune, featuring Katy B, the rising queen of debstep.

Gig: Tubelord

Last Friday provided the first of what will hopefully be many good gigs in my new surroundings. Before heading to Galway I had heard great things about the Roisin Dubh and The Black Box and knew that these often housed big names. However I was totally ignorant of Richardsons on Eyre Square as a music venue until Tubelord rolled into town. Richardsons is the kind of venue you can’t imagine in too many places outside of Ireland. It’s small, very, very small. With carpeted floors and pallets stacked at one side and tables and chairs lying about in no particular order in the other, it’s hard to see how this place functions as venue, but functions it does and in a weird way those imperfections add character to the place, even if the sound is slightly fucked.

Tubelord enjoy a cult status in Cork and always draw a crowd of devoted fans ready to sing, shout and dance along. It appears the Englishmen have yet to foster the same level of support in Galway as the compact venue still retained pockets of space. The performance itself ranged from the ridiculous to the sublime.The band were fronted by a small brown table adorned with a plant in what initially appeared some sort of misguided pretentious statement. However all was soon revealed as lead singer Joseph Prendergast informed the crowd that he was suffering from a medical condition which had temporarily stolen his distinctive voice, the greedy thing. The table, it turned out was so a close friend of the band could fill in as singer and casually flip the pages of lyrics between songs.

To his credit the substitute didn’t do a bad job considering Prendergast’s tendency for high-pitched squeaky choruses but you got the feeling his friend was imitating more than singing. As if the night wasn’t already posing enough challenges, midway through the set a snapped string provided an unwelcome intermission which didn’t help win over the crowd and some unwarranted ramblings were directed at the performers. Snapped strings and strange singers aside Tubelord rocked out in their customary fashion blaring their infectious brand of energetic math rock.

Since 2009’s debut album ‘Our First American’ friends the band have recorded an EP on Hassle Records entitled ‘Tezcatlipoca’ and, just like every other and these days, they’ve added a keyboardist/synth player to their arsenal. While new addition James Elliot Field added little or nothing to the older tracks, he definitely offers something more on the latest pieces which have a more varied sound tilting towards more melodic while retaining some punch. The set was dominated by the two Hassle Record releases but room was made for old favourites such as ‘Feed Me a Bolx of Words’. ‘Night of the Pencils’ was a notable absentee from the set list but even without the landmark anthem the performance was enough to whet the appetite.

Support on the night came from  Northern rockers Axis Of who impressed with their display of ballsy punk/hardcore. Creating a hell of a racket for a three-piece the band seem to fall slap in the middle of punk and metal. At the lighter times hints of Bad Religion and Alkaline Trio are apparent while the heavier tracks bring to mind Dublin’s BATS. The lads have also clearly been reading And So I Watch You From Afar‘s guide to stage presence, leaping around with little regard for their own health/equipment but creating one hell of a spectacle in the process.

Video: Animal Collective – Bluish


A characteristically bizarre video for my personal favourite track off the colossal 2009 album Merriweather Post Pavillion released on Domino Records. Unsurprisingly the images are all slightly bluish. Now we just need to settle the debate on weather or not the song is about oral sex.

New Blog

Everybody hates change, so just when my former blog, I caught you a delicious bass was finally getting some traffic I decided to up and move to a new one. I’m sticking with WordPress for purposes such as laziness and familiarity.

In reality my last blog was fairly rudderless. I had started it with no direction in sight and just started rambling. I initially intended a primarily sports blog but by the end music had become the dominant subject. So I’m setting my stall out with this one, it will be mostly music and hopefully will be updated much more regularly. In my head it’ll take the form of an online magazine with short posts on all things music, reviews, gig guides and anything else I find of interest. No doubt the odd sport piece will rear its’ head from time to time, like whenever Michael Carrick fucks up, expect a rant!

Its going to take me a while to settle into my new home, sort out the decor and all that. If you happen to drop by while construction is still in progress feel free to drop me a comment.