Artist: WU LFY

So I was driving round a few days ago, twas evening so I was flicking between Paul Mcloon and Jenny Huston. I heard a track on Todayfm and thought it sounded pretty different and interesting and Mcloon accredited it to a band with a really random long name. Cue my change over to 2fm and an equally compelling tune was being blasted by Huston and sure enough it was that same random band I’d never before heard of. I punched the words “world unite…foundation” into my phone and only got around to looking them up tonight.

The band’s real name is WU LYF pronounced ‘Woo Life’ and the full breakdown is ‘World Unite! Lucifer Youth Foundation’. Apparently they have kept to themselves since initially appearing on the Manchester scene in 2008, releasing little to no information and refusing interviews. However with the release of their debut album Go Tell Fire To The Mountain on June 13th they’re creeping back into the spotlight and with good reason.

When I first listened to the track below – Split it Concrete like the Colden Sun God – it reminded me of my first meeting with Sleight Bells last year. Not the actual music itself but the impact it carries. Not only is it different to everything else out there it sounds bigger, more important, it demands your attention. If the rest of the album is as good we could be looking at the biggest breakthrough act of 2011.



2 comments so far

  1. OBCT on

    Really like it. They do share some fundamental characteristics with some big names out there. But, they do have originality and a good sound. Thumbs up from the underground.

  2. Mike C on

    Deadly tunage, well one for finding them!

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