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Kool Thing – Light Games (REID Remix)

More haunting brilliance from Cork based REID who is climbing up the ranks of Ireland’s burgeoning solo electronic scene.

Fifty Grand – First Lucid Dream

‘First Lucid Dream’ is a demo from Boston-based Fifty Grand whose upcoming EP is due for release in February. A minimal blend of ambient electronics and varied instrumentation combine to make this a chilled out gem.

Clams Casino: Realist Alive

A friend recently suggested that I check out an artist called Clams Casino, guessing that his music would appeal to me, he wasn’t wrong. It is only after reading James Vincent McMorrow’s description of Casino’s music over on Nialler9 that I gave him a try. Mike Volpe is a 23-year old hip-hop producer from New Jersey who performs as ‘Clams Casino’, his raw beats blended with atmospheric effects have laid the foundations for rappers such as Soulja Boy, Lil B and A$AP Rocky to gain acclaim.

Earlier this year he released Instrumental Mixtape for free download. Like Will Wisenfeld of Baths and Aaron Jerome aka SBTRKT, Volpe has, in my opinion, managed to hit the nail on the head in terms of finding the perfect balance of the various sounds currently finding favour among electronic music producers and fans.


Anyone who has read this blog with any degree of regularity will know that I’m more than a bit of a fan of Will Wisenfeld aka Baths, and his 2010 album Cerulean. I still remember my first time giving the album a listen and waiting for the filler to arrive but each track proved breathtaking in its own way. Cerulean came out at a time when, thanks to the likes of Flying Lotus and Teebs, glitch-hop was at the forefront of electronic music but Wisenfeld managed to stand out from the masses with an original and engaging spin on the genre.

British producer Aaron Jerome who performs as SBTRKT (pronounced Subtract) has achieved the same feat with his stunning debut self-titled album. As contemporary electronic music continues to draw influence from all different directions the genre game grows more and more farcical with this album likely to be lumped into the post-dubstep category alongside the likes of James Blake and Mount Kimbie. Regardless of its genre, SBTRKT’ is a compelling LP which at various stages boasts a hint of house, funk, soul, dubstep, electronica and just about everything else.

Comparisons with James Blake are inevitable given Jerome’s use of heavy-bass loops fused with his soulful vocals, but SBTRKT offers an approach more akin to Blake’s earlier EP releases than his more subdued self-titled album. Tunes like Wildfire and Right Thing To Do are underground dance floor anthems while the mournful Hold On and funky gem Trials Of The Past display Jerome’s more introspective songwriting capabilities.

Just when you think you’ve got the album figured out pop tune ‘Pharoahs’ makes an appearance with a Dizzee Rascal-esque beat blended with sing along trance vocals calling to mind Katy B’s chart single ‘Lights On’, but better.

Will Wisenfeld was a relatively unknown 21-year old when he released Cerulean, one of the most compelling albums of the past decade. Aaron Jerome was equally anonymous prior to this debut release but you get the feeling he’ll be bringing his exotic headwear to more festivals on the back of what is already, unquestionably one of the albums of 2011.

Tune of Today

I like this tune, because its daycint!

SBTRKT’s self-titled debut album has gotten good reviews all round. If the rest of the LP lives up to ‘Wildfire’ James Blake won’t be the only post-dubstep artist making all those end of year lists.

Artist – Bingo

So here’s another new Irish artist to add to the list. I have to concede I know very little about Dublin’s Frank Sweeney aka Bingo but this track ‘Bee’ is outstanding. Like MOTHS, Bingo has honed an ultra-contemporary electronic sound. ‘Bee’ includes samples from Destiny’s Child’s ‘Say My Name’ and has more than a hint of James Blake’s post-dubstep anthem CMYK.

Song: MOTHS – Jimmy Francis

This guy just doesn’t stop. Jack Colleran has unleashed another electronic beauty to add to his growing collection. Jimmy Francis is arguably the most chilled out tune to date and it is delicious. Such a beautiful minimal sound, one of those tunes that seems to stop time when you listen to it, you just drift away into your own world where tranquillity reigns supreme. This is one young talent who deserves the hype.

Song: Daithi/Flann – This Place

When I met Daithi last month he spoke very highly of his friend Flann Mc Morrow (No relation to James Vincent, I asked) The pair had a kind of Postal Service thing going on, sharing and mixing music between Dublin and Galway. ‘This Place’ is the first track the duo have put up on soundcloud. Sounds like Four Tet after a few jagerbombs with wall to wall sound and a penchant for changing direction. More please.


Artist: MOTHS

A lot of college work coupled with some unforseen internet complications (which continue, damn you upc) have seen me neglect this auld yoke. Worst of all has been my limited access to the sites and blogs I gleefully waste all my time on browsing for new music. As a result my 2011 has gotten off to a slow start musically, but one artist I couldn’t escape from is MOTHS aka Jack Colleran. A few mentions on Nialler9 as well as other blogs have people talking about this very talented 17-year-old from Kildare. He’s nailed down a sumptuous Baths meets Gold Panda blend of glitch/electronic. Astonishing as his age is, it’d be a disservice to judge his tunes solely within that context, this is just damn good chill out music. Check out his soundcloud for more.

Here’s his hazy remix of Passion Pit’s Little Secrets.


Artist: Daithi

After the heights reached by Irish music in 2010, 2011 has a hard act to follow, but there is little reason to suggest that things will dry up or the scene will regress. In fact there are plenty of exciting acts around the country willing to give last year’s success stories a run for their money. One such act is Daithi.

Now if like me you are just dying for the current fad of ‘talent show’ tv to die out, then you may overlook the participants in the painful RTE production The All Ireland Talent Show. However one original and compelling artist who effectively used this medium to launch himself into the spotlight in 2009 is Daithi Ó Drónaí. Skilled in traditional fiddle playing and boasting an appreciation of minimal, contemporary electronic music, Ó Drónaí blends the two polarised genres to create an astonishingly cohesive and unique sound.

He has since gone on to perform at Electric Picnic and Castle Palooza and has supported household names such as The Xx and Dj Shadow. February sees the release of Daithi’s EP and to get us all adequately excited he’s released some teaser videos on YouTube. Below is the deliciously layered ‘The Dog’. To hear this and two other tracks from the EP in full check out Breaking Tunes.