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Song: New Flann & Daithi – That Place

Flann Mc Morrow and Daithi have wasted little time in following up their first track ‘This Place’ with their second sumptuous tune ‘That Place’. Like the first offering, ‘That Place’ refuses to follow a clear blueprint and dives off in wonderfully unpredictable tangents and boasts more layers than a shepherds’ pie and trifle put together. The only thing that remains constant is the uncontrollable head-nod of the listener.


Song: Daithi/Flann – This Place

When I met Daithi last month he spoke very highly of his friend Flann Mc Morrow (No relation to James Vincent, I asked) The pair had a kind of Postal Service thing going on, sharing and mixing music between Dublin and Galway. ‘This Place’ is the first track the duo have put up on soundcloud. Sounds like Four Tet after a few jagerbombs with wall to wall sound and a penchant for changing direction. More please.