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Video: Former Monarchs – Bills Bills Bills

Former Monarchs are one of the most exciting things coming out of Cork these days, bringing an aggressive energy to their live punk/math rock performances.

Here they are covering Destiny’s Child’s classic ‘Bills Bills Bills’….

Album: Former Monarchs – The Wisdom of Crowds

They say our generation are too lazy or cowardly to take to the streets in rebellion against the political forces which have left our country in its present dire state. They may not have been waving placards outside Leinster House, but the lads in Former Monarchs were doing the other things synonymous with economic depressions, like the musicians of Seattle and Toronto in times past,they used their frustration to fuel their creativity. The result is EP opener ‘My Friend Has No Job’,an ultra-aggressive yet touchingly poignant portrayal of what the recession means for so many of the ‘lost generation.’

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